500 lpm

Transfer Set with electronic or mechanic counter register in meter installed models, with electric or diesel motor driven. Cabinet protected configuration for special purposes. Necessary for your project or application; diesel motor driven, with hose reel, with water separator filter, cabinet protected, or other specific purposes.

In the blending, batching, dispensing, inventory control and custody transfer of viscous fluids such as petroleum based fuels, viscous chemicals, paints, printing inks, lubricating oils, vegetable oils.

  • Type: 90° inlet/outlet route, positive displacement, double pallet, single rotor, rotary
  • Flow rate (min): 70 lpm
  • Flow rate (max): 700 lpm (*)
  • Max operation pressure: 10 bar (145 psi)
  • Normal operation pressure: 3.5 bar (51 psi)
  • Operation temperature: -20°C / +40°C
  • Accuracy: % ±0.25
  • Viscosity: 440 cP
  • Weight: 61.5 kg
  • Dimensions (WLH): 48×59×51 cm
  • Flange Diameter: 2″ – 2½” – 3″
  • Meter Body: Cast Iron (PIG GG25)
  • Air separator Body: Cast Aluminium (AlSi10Mg)


  • (*) max capacity 35 tons in diesel delivery.

ER 79 ECR specifications:

  • Instant volume calculation and display
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)* calculation and display
  • Total volume calculation and display
  • High permanent memory capacity
  • Secured protection
  • Daily flow monitoring
  • Automation suitability
  • Can work with wide range of multiple analogue and digital sensors
  • Direct contribution addition and blending management
  • Valve control capability
  • Compatibility with vehicle identification systems

ATC: The volume of fluids varies according to the changes in temperature. Automatic temperature compensation, referred to as ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation), is the calculation of how much the measured volume at the current temperature of the fluid will be when the temperature is 15°C. Thanks to the ATC process, volume values that are measured at different temperatures when picking up and delivering a fluid product, the volume values that should be at 15°C in are automatically calculated and the inequalities are eliminated.

  • Dimensions (WLH): 28.5 × 27 × 19 cm
  • Weight: 9.6 kg
  • Operation Temperature: -20°C / +50°C
  • ATC Probe Operating Temperature: -40°C / +150°C
  • Display: Volumetric Determination 999999 liters
  • Inputs: 1 × ATC probe input, 12/24 vDC feed input
  • Outputs: 1 × printer output, 1 × dry contact (motor) output, 2 × dry contact (solenoid valve) output
  • Power supply: 12/24 vDC
  • Communication: 2 × RS485 automation output
  • Body: Ex-Proof features, aluminum cast body

It is a constant flow pump that is not affected by pressure conditions. It also works at high efficiency in high viscous products. It can be used for both filling and unloading by changing the direction of rotation. It can be dry run for a short time, it can work in high temperature environments, easy to maintaintenance.

It can be used easily in the transfer and distribution processes of petroleum based fuels, lubricating oils, resins, polymers, food industry fluids.

  • Type: Positive displacement, internal (eccentric) gear with 360° connection
  • Flow rate: 500 lpm @ 750 rpm
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 10 bar (145 psi)
  • Working Temperature: -20°C / +60°C
  • Max Discharge Head: 100 m (fuel oil)
  • Viscosity: 65 cP
  • Weight: 49 kg
  • Dimensions (WLH): 60×24×27 cm
  • Flange Diameter: 2 – 2 ½ “
  • Motor Power: 7.5 kW (11 Hp)
  • Weight: 49 kg
  • By-Pass Valve: Coupled to body
  • Pump Body: Casting (PIG GG25)
  • Idle Gear: Casting (PIG GG25)
  • Cage (in diesel applications): Casting (PIG GG25)
  • Cage (in petrol applications): Bronze
  • Shaft: Steel Alloy (AISI 1040)

(*) The maximum capacity in diesel transfer is 25 tons per hour.